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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Revit hardware. What specs to use.

If you searched Google looking for the best computer hardware to use with Revit and did not find very much information you are not alone. Most of the information I find is from a few years ago and definitely does not apply now.

The computers at my school crash if I open a Revit file any larger than 30mb. I can almost guarantee there are many students out there who's computers are being crippled by Revit and this could be a reason to not convert to the BIM world.

I personally am running Revit on a Macbook Pro with Bootcamp 2.1 with the following specs:

- Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
- 2.4 ghz Dual Core Processor
- 4 gigs of Ram
- 256mb Nvidia Geforce 8600m

I would have to say Revit runs reasonably well... but there are moments in big files where that good old loading bar never seems to stop loading.

In work I am using:

- Windows XP 32bit
- 3.0 ghz Phenom Quad Core
- 4 gigs of Ram
-512 Nvidia Geforce 8800gt

There is a considerable difference between my laptop and my desktop but the desktop still has its moments and feels a bit laggy when the file gets very large (over 50mb) or a model gets very complex.

I would like to open up the comments section to those of you using Revit what your specs are and how the performance is. Ultimately, reaching a conclusion of the best Revit machine.