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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rendering an Interior Scene with Sun Only.

I received an email from a man named Greg (thanks for the question!) who asked a question about my renderings on this blog. He asked about how I managed to get the sun light to look so bright and hit the building perfectly.

There are lots and lots of factors that effect the way a rendering will turn out, but there is one that always seems to be the most common factor, the placement of the sun. This may seem simply and silly, but when you have no artificial lighting it is very important. I made a new tutorial for Greg and everyone else to see.

Basics of Rendering Interiors with Sun Only.

Here are the images I rendered:

The Basics of Rendering - Dark

The Basics of Rendering - Light

Thanks again to Greg for the question. This is exactly how I wanted and planned the site to be run. Lots of questions and lots of video answers!


grahampuba said...

Any advice on how to work a couple skylights into the interior daylighting renders?

The Revit Kid said...

Good suggestion. I will see what I can conjure up in the next few weeks!

pete said...

is there a way to show how to include artficial lighting with sunlight? For some reason I am having probs when rendering artficial with sun... seems like artifcial doesnt even turn on?!?

Anonymous said...

how did you get this rendering to be so realistic ..? did you export to 3D max or what please explain


The Revit Kid said...

It's all Revit. Watch the video and see... nothing but Revit.

Anonymous said...

I have a room that has an orientation that does not receive direct sun all day. Therefore, I need some artificial light. However, I am having difficulty because when I turn the interior lighting on it is washing out the exterior view. Do you know of articifial light settings that will fix this?


Anonymous said...

Very helpful, as are all of your tutorials. Thanks for being here!