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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Architect? A Candid Guide to the Profession

I finished reading this book about a month ago. It is an interesting read for those in the profession or entering the profession. Roger K. Lewis is an Architect and MIT Professor who offers an interesting perspective on the profession of architecture.

I found it insightful and just a very interesting read. Here is a quick review:

"Architect? A Candid Guide to the Profession by Roger K. Lewis, is required reading for architecture students and interns. The new edition includes updated information as well as more illustrations, all drawn by Lewis, to complement the text. When I first read the book as a freshman in architecture school, it gave me more insight into the education I was beginning and the profession I was entering than most of my professors could... Lewis brings a wealth of experience to this guide... his advice will serve most of his readers well on the road through architectural education and practice. And while the book's value to aspiring architects and architecture students is clear, it should also be read by practicing architects to affirm (or rethink) the reasons they entered the profession." -- John E. Czarnecki, Architectural Record, September 1998

I encourage you all to check it out. It is a quick and easy read.

Architect? A Candid Guide to the Profession