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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tutorial - Brick Window Sill

A received an anonymous question:

"Very good tutorial. When doing brick sills under windows with diferent sill heights on the same wall. do you one create segments of a sweep, or multiple sweeps?"

Here is a quick tutorial to answer that question. You do not want to model a brick sill within the project. It is much easier to model it within the window family, lock its parameters, and it will update to the many different window sizes. This is a pretty basic tutorial (I think this is a tutorial for the Revit 5.1 tutorial book).

P.S. - I recorded the video very fast. If you are really planning on using this I would definitely suggest placing the brick sill inside the opening void and creating the correct sill detail.


Anonymous said...

How to create composite wall, like half the height is brick and the other half is vinyl ?

nelson said...

jeff could you please post a video on how to create extrusions inside the window trying to add a bent metal header on my window, but i cannot get the extrusion to show once i load it back to my project..
thank you..

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say thanks, the tutorial was very clear & helpful.
Keep up the good work!

Wesley said...

The tutorial was helpful but my question relates to how the window sill is viewed in section. If you cut a section through the window I would like the sill to be shown as though it is cut. The dark profile should cut around the sill and the wall it is placed in. Is this possible?