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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tutorial - Basic View Titles

Wanda asked:

"I am taking a Revit course and need to put a title on a drawing (the typical architectural circle with a line and drawing title above with scale below). I can’t seem to find it in the text I have (Sham Tickoo). Can you tell me where I can find the info/command?"

I found this to be a great question to create a very basic tutorial on view titles.

Topics Covered:
- Adding a View to a Sheet
- View Title Properties
- Loading a View Title Family
- Customizing a View Title


Anonymous said...

you don't need to hit apply if you are going to hit OK after apply :)

coreed said...

i like to hit apply even though i don't have to also

The Revit Kid said...


I believe it is good practice to hit apply anyways. It takes an extra second and it could help you out greatly one day.

For example, when you are creating a wall and you modify a few things... you are about to click okay and realize there is something else you didn't modify. You continue modifying the wall and it happens... you hit ESC! AHHH!

If you hit apply after each of the changes you would have only lost some of the modifications.

Anonymous said...

and (in windows) if use Apply, sometimes you can ctrl-z undo some edits in some of the textboxes, but only while the dialog is up.

Anonymous said...

Quick question on view titles. I created a new view title for our casework elevations. We work primarily on large healthcare jobs, new construction, addition, and renovation, in which the casework is usually a typical condition repeated in many places. One of our standards in our dated CAD process was to list all the typical/similar/opposite room numbers below the view title. Is there a way to add an instance parameter to the view title so we can simply key in text below the view title that lists these rooms? I could just do text on the sheet but I am trying to avoid the issue of the text not staying with the elevation if the sheet gets rearranged. Any thoughts? Thanks for a great resource/website. Your tutorials have saved the day numerous times in our recent transition to Revit.