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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Autodesk - Green Building Studio

The second environmental analysis program in our three part introduction series towards the Revit Classroom Workflow Chart.  

The Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web-based energy analysis service can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process. With faster, more accurate energy analysis of building design proposals, architects and designers can work with sustainability in mind earlier in the process, plan proactively, and build better.

The best explanation for this program is are the videos on Autodesk's Website: See them here.

Very cool program.  Autodesk offers a sixty day free trial for students that are part of the Autodesk Student Community.


Anonymous said...

missing more revit videos from you... instead of autodesk products articles...

Juan Carlos said...

I agree!

I think the initial focus of this site is being kinda lost... I understand that these are tools that tie into Revit... but I think that people (students) would want to learn to use Revit first and then all the plugins available to enhance the BIM experience

Anonymous said...

Moar Videos

The Revit Kid said...

The Product articles are not all autodesk as you will see and they play a crucial role in why we are using Revit. The focus of this blog is not being lost at all. If you read my welcome post (under "mission and experience" on the right hand side it clearly says:

"I would like this blog to contain tutorials done by others and myself. I would also like it to be an archive of the many questions I have received by students about Revit Architecture and the like. Finally, I would like it to encourage the use of Revit in the classroom as not only a tool but a tool that will create a smart and usable building information model."

I want to encourage students to use Revit and learn how to use it... but they must know WHY they are using it. The introductions to the products I am showing will help you further understand the next step in the Revit Classroom Workflor Chart - Analyzation.

There will be more videos and I have a few made already...

I do not want to create the monster that I have been trying to avoid. A bunch of BIMpanzee's that will use Revit as a drafting tool that creates "wow" factor only. I want you students to use Revit as much more than that.

Juan Carlos said...

You make a valid point, however... I just think, how am I going to learn how to use all these building analysis tools if I can't build the building itself in a correct way?
It is like me wanting to learn how to swim and someone telling me "here is a speedo that is going to make you swim faster, here is a rubber cap that will increase your aereodynamics, and here are some goggles that will also improve aereodynamics an allow for better vision. Sure those tools help and make the overall experience better but I need to learn how to swim first.

The Revit Kid said...

You're looking at it the complete wrong way. There are many many different routes to creating a building in Revit. It is the complete opposite from what you are saying. Knowing how these programs work and what is needed to use them in the Revit model will effect the way you build the model.

For example, if you were to do a generic house and understood how Robot Structural Analysis works you would know exactly WHAT and WHERE the structural components are necessary in the model. You may not need to show the rim boards or ledger boards... or you may need to. Understanding how the program will work will decide this for you. The same goes for Ecotect and G.B.S. A room with 30 computers and 3-56" flat screen T.V.'s is going to have a ton of heat being produced in it. Unless you build the families with this in mind, or take into account the fact when analyzing, the analyzation would be wrong.

Ultimately, the site is not going to be a Revit CLASS. It shows tips and questions that cannot be found in books or some beginner Revit Classes. I cannot legally TEACH Revit from A to B and I would be crazy to do it for free.

I understand where you are coming from and you must understand where I am coming from. Taking a Revit course online or in person and then parallel it with this site as well as asking me questions that may not be documented anywhere is what will teach you Revit.

Juan Carlos said...

Now I really see where you are coming from and understand your approach. Sorry if by any means i came off as rude.

One thing that would be great is if you could incorporate this into your student to student Revit guide (i mean if you didn't pull the plug on it)

The Revit Kid said...
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The Revit Kid said...


You did not come off as rude I understood where are coming from. You are one of the first followers of the blog and your opinion means a lot to me. Th
Student to student guide is still alive and has not been updated because I plan to incorporate the revit workflow steps into it.