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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Comment Response:

I received a few comments about the product introductions that will lead into the next step of our Revit Classroom Workflow Chart... This was the response I posted so we are all on the same page:

The Product articles are not all autodesk as you will see and they play a crucial role in why we are using Revit. The focus of this blog is not being lost at all. If you read my welcome post (under "mission and experience" on the right hand side it clearly says:

"I would like this blog to contain tutorials done by others and myself. I would also like it to be an archive of the many questions I have received by students about Revit Architecture and the like. Finally, I would like it to encourage the use of Revit in the classroom as not only a tool but a tool that will create a smart and usable building information model."

I want to encourage students to use Revit and learn how to use it... but they must know WHY they are using it. The Introductions to the products I am showing will help you further understand the next step in the Revit Classroom Workflor Chart - Analyzation. It is much better to understand this before or while you are learning Revit because it will effect your mindset and thought process when developing a Revit Model.

There will be more videos and I have a few made already...

I do not want to create the monster that I have been trying to avoid. A bunch of BIMpanzee's that will use Revit as a drafting tool that creates "wow" factor only. I want you students to use Revit as much more than that.