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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

IDP Training Report - Six Month

For those of you planing to become licensed Architects there has been a little addition to the process called the "Six Month Rule":

The Six-Month Rule for IDP Training Unit Reporting

The Six-Month Rule will require interns to submit their training units in reporting periods of no longer than six months and within two months of completion of each reporting period. The rule will go into effect on 1 July 2009 for interns who begin an NCARB Record on or after that date and 1 July 2010 for all interns regardless of application date. All training unit reports must be submitted electronically through NCARB’s electronic Experience Verification Reporting (e-EVR) system.

The rule stems from a 2005 study conducted by NCARB and AIA that indicated regular reporting improves reporting accuracy, encourages better supervision, and targets needed experience. The IDP Guidelines have long recommended that interns submit reports regularly. Although six months would be the maximum amount of time allowed, interns may—and are encouraged to—report more frequently.

Once interns have submitted their training units by entering them into their Record online, those units are protected from the Six-Month Rule reporting requirements while any loose ends are tied up. Interns will not be affected by any delay caused by their supervisor or NCARB. However, submitted training units can be lost if they are deemed invalid by their supervisor, or if they are not earned in accordance with the rules of IDP.

The Six-Month Rule only applies to interns. It does not apply to registered architects that must document past experience for NCARB certification.

All of the provisions of the Six-Month Rule are designed to make every internship experience more constructive and valuable. The rule will greatly improve the accuracy of reporting, which should help reduce the amount of time it takes interns to complete the IDP.

Six-Month Rule Implementation Timeline

31 December 2008 – Launch of online reporting system for IDP training units.

1 July 2009 – Six-Month Rule goes into effect for interns who begin an NCARB Record on or after this date.

1 July 2010 – Six-Month Rule goes into effect for all interns regardless of when they started their NCARB Record.

Six-Month Rule Examples – The Committee on the IDP has compiled examples to help interns understand the basics of the rule.

Available Extensions – Similar to the NCARB’s ARE Rolling Clock, the Six-Month Rule will have extensions available for:

Birth or adoption of a child (six months)
Serious medical conditions
Active military service

Extensions will require documentation. The procedures for applying for an extension will be available when the Six-Month Rule goes into effect.