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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Imagining Recovery

Columbia Architecture students Wayne Congar and Troy Therrien launched the Imagining Recovery competition to invite designers from across the world to envision, in a single image, the prospect of post-financial crisis America. In devising these experiential images, and the accompanying design strategies, designers are encouraged to propose responses to some of the following questions. What is it that we hope to recover? How can designers assert the importance of design in recovery (economic and otherwise)? How can designers act as visual interpreters between policy-makers and the general public? How can design support innovation in imagining the future...?

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I wish I knew about this competition earlier.  The idea is great and I feel it could parallel my ideas about Revit and the future of design.  The simple idea of "change" that has been echoing throughout the mainstream since last year being accepted into the design world.

This is the type of thinking we need to further push the idea of technology and creative design.  Ease of use and efficient technology can coexist with great ad creative design.

They will be announcing the winners within the next few days.