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Friday, June 5, 2009

BIM Fusion Forums.

I found this site via a few links that fed my site. Looks promising. Only 145 members so far. I figure my readers and I could become members and help with the advancement of the BIM Discussion. I urge you all to sign up and start discussing!

From the Website:

Many people have been asking what the goals of BIMFusion are, who created it and who is funding it. The goals of this site are simple, to develop an online community in which any professional in the AEC or related discipline can join to discuss, assist and encourage Building Information Modeling (BIM) for FREE.

This community is designed to be a collaborative environment in which all professionals can come together to assist each other. An online community that provides an environment where people can come together no matter what their discipline or the software they use to gather information and make useful contacts to assist in their effort of project documentation and delivery.

BIM Fusion - Where BIM is Everything and Everything is BIM