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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LEED and Revit.

I am dedicating this entire week to studying for the LEED Exam. When reading through the LEED Reference Guide I cannot help but notice the parallels between using Revit and the LEED system. A perfect example I ran into today was while reading about the LEED Credits SSC8 - Light Polution Reduction, and the many LEED credits that have to do with energy.

There are even specific instruction within the LEED instructed the project team to use "computer generated simulations" to perform things like energy analysis's and light analysis's. HELLO! If the architect uses Revit a major part of that process is done! I will dissect this a little more after the test is over.... until then... let the reading, flash cards, and practice exams continue!

Bare with me on the lack of posts... I will be back in action shortly!