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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP

I passed! Thank goodness it is over.

What a doozy of an exam. I took the entire week off from work to study and still did not feel comfortable taking the test. Fortunately, it all paid off.

Now that I am officially a LEED Accredited Professional I believe my duties to the Revit world shall partially revolve around LEED. Ultimately, this site always paralleled the ideas of Revit and how they can be implemented to further increase the efficiency of a very inefficient industry beginning in the classroom. In this case, I guess I have always sort of revolved Revit around the ideas and practices brought about by LEED. Unfortunately, the studying is not over because I must learn the new version of LEED (v3.0)... but the tests are!!!

Please be patient as we return to our regular programming. Soon enough I will be back into my posting schedule of at least one a day.

Thank you everyone for still reading the blog and emailing me with your Revit questions. Let's LEED the way to a new direction in the AEC industry together.

Jeffrey A. Pinheiro, LEED AP