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Monday, June 29, 2009

Revit not Stimulating??

Yet another Revit post over at . The same user who started the "Revit Sucks" thread (refer to my old post) started another post. Here is a little glimpse of the conversation:

Posted by Danger:
"So, after the initial frustration of getting started in Revit (see previous thread, "Revit Sucks") I am just finding it to be a BORING way to work...

...The sluggish work flow, odd command sequences and wrist-kinking point-clicking...are tiresome and distracting...I often losing track of what I was doing in the first place...

As someone who "thinks with their hands" I find this interface disturbing and dull...I believe there is something inherently STIMULATING about DRAWING (even in AutoCad) ... Although It is nice to work in 3D sometimes, I think there is an advantage to the abstract thinking and simplified problem solving done in 2D...

Any comments or thoughts?"

Posted by Me:
I guess I have to respond to this thread given that ff33 has dropped my name... plug my site next time you drop my name ff ;) (

First, since it was the last post I read there is one thing that Wurdan said that got me. The comment about "Drawing is dead". I can't see how people say such a thing. I find myself drawing just as much, if not more, when using Revit in the design process. I cannot see how that argument would hold.

Secondly, to respond to the initial post by Danger:

I have some thoughts. What program DO YOU USE? Do you like CAD? I can't quite figure it out. You must not use AutoCAD if you think Revit involves "wrist kinking point-clicking".

I love the reactions you grab in your threads and I truly do enjoy reading everyones opinions on the subject. I have to fully disagree with Revit not being "stimulating" and being boring. I used CAD at my firm for six years. Going Revit is the most stimulating thing to happen in the office.

Revit forces the user to think and visualize every little command you make. Every wall and every component has an effect in every view. Forcing the user to think about every action that is made and its reaction to the building as a whole is stimulating in itself. I would like to hear your rebuddle as to HOW 2D drafting could be more stimulating...

Great conversation and I enjoy reading everyones thoughts."

Thought I would share with my readers and maybe you all would like to join in on the discussion. I began this blog in hopes of opening dialects such as these...