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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I.E.S. v6.0 - Now with LEED!

IES are delighted to announce the release of version 6.0 of the suite of building performance analysis tools. This version encompasses more major developments than ever before including an upgraded VE-Pro, with an enhanced interface, Navigator functionality, multiplexing and an enhanced water cooled chiller model, providing a more intuitive user experience and detailed level of analysis.

We believe that v6.0 offers our users more commerical advantages in terms of marketing differentiation, technical advantage and productivity than any other version. Click here to read what our Managing Director has to say about the latest release. You can also visit our Software Centre and register to download our free and trial software.

With version 6.0, we are also introducing new VE-Gaia software for environmental performance analysis plus significantly enhanced VE-Toolkits with new LEED and Sustainability analysis.

NEW! VE-Gaia: a revolution in building performance analysis Learn More

VE-Gaia allows you to track progress, control quality, iterate workflows, trigger simulations, filter results and produce automated visual and rich text reports. A special buy one get one free offer is running on the core VE-Gaia product until the release of version 6.1. Contact for further details or register for a free trial.

You might also be interested to read 'A Guided Quest for Hidden Energy' - a great feature article on VE-Gaia in Cadalyst Magazine by Kenneth Wong.

VE-Toolkits: immediate feedback on early stage designs Learn More

The significantly enhanced VE-Toolkits provide more detailed, highly visual and rich-text reporting and now include climate exploration, water reviews, low zero carbon technology consideration, and analysis for certain LEED credits. A new easy three-tab interface consists of Overview, Sustainability and LEED sections. Contact for further details orregister for a free trial.

To find out more please contact your local office or visit our web-site.

So... now if you are a student in a design studio and you create this beautiful building model in Revit that you have worked on for the past three months you can tell your professor what LEED rating it is? How many students in a design studio will LEED rate their building in the presentation... or at least pin point the areas where they would achieve LEED points?

Just another advantage of Building Information Modeling.