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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Revit Classroom Workflow - Step 6


I received and email asking about how I would/have created presentation style boards and images in Revit. Thanks to this email I finally am finishing up the very last step in my Revit Classroom Workflow!

The project I am going to use as an example is my very first Revit studio project. This is the project that forced me to learn everything I know now. It was also completed on the eve of the Revit 2009 release (hence the very first release with awesome looking renderings). As it is with every project in Revit if I knew then what I know now there would be many things I would have done differently. Nonetheless, I am still proud of it. I thought this would be a perfect example of a presentation board.

The project called out for two 20"x30" presentation boards and a set of drawings to go along with it. I fiddled with different ways to present my Revit models and found my favorite was with renderings (of course, the WOW factor always wins).

With very little knowledge of Revit and the help of videos online I was able to crank out a ton of renderings. How did I have time during a design studio to Render all 20 or so renderings, you ask? Well... good old Revit sped up the CD process and I was finished two weeks ahead of my personal schedule.

My computer stayed on for many nights and days rendering away. From those 20 to 30 renderings I moved out of Revit and over to Photoshop.

I sketched out some ideas of layouts for the board and where I would place all the renderings. (Wow, so even after all the design and CD's I am still sketching by hand? Yet people still argue Revit eliminates paper and pencil). With simple cropping, editing, and very basic photoshop knowledge I was able to create the layout I was looking for.

I hope these little examples will sort of give you an idea of what you can do with your intelligent Revit model. Using Photoshop for the layout and editing, in my opinion, allows for much more freedom of the renderings, printing, cropping, and overall graphics. I know some students who have tried creating layouts like this within a Revit sheet. I would not recommend it for you will be asking for a head ache.

Here is another example of something cool you can do with rendering in Revit and a little photoshop knowledge. I used this as a page in my portfolio but the idea could be used in presentation as well.