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Monday, October 5, 2009

Toward a Collaborative Future

Interesting blog post from Design Intelligence... again...

| Author: Jonathan Bahe
"A few weeks ago, I attended the AIA Northwest/Pacific Regional Conference in Anchorage, Alaska, and participated in its first Leadership Institute. The leadership institute was made up of about 20 students and young professionals from Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Hawaii. This remarkable group of young leaders spent two days discussing characteristics of leadership and how we as architects — or future architects — can contribute our talents to the betterment of the built environment. Among the many leadership characteristics that the group discussed and began to dissect, one rose to the top as particularly germane to the challenges facing our future — and the opportunities architects have to lead this future.

The group identified a key attribute for leaders — both present and future — to be collaborative integrators of information and perspectives. The reasoning for this should be apparent, so I won’t elaborate further, as we spent time not discussing why this was important, but rather are we really? We talk about the architect being the person at the table who can bring various view points together. We believe that the design process is inherently collaborative, and the architects as “master builders” are the rightful leaders of this collaboration... Continue Reading...."