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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Autodesk Bluestreak: Collaborate, Socialize... BIM!

Some of you may have read about Bluestreak on other blogs a while ago... Well, I wanted to give it a try and understand it a little more before posting. Basically, imagine Facebook for the construction industry. Doesn't sound like a horrible idea. Unless, of course, there are quite a lot of "beefs" between the contractors, architects, and engineers.... Well, to me, Bluestreak looks very similar to Facebook but with the addition of a file sharing system.

In todays society (especially with my generation) Facebook (social networking) is slowly becoming the means of communication. I can tell you what half of my high school friends have been up to without even talking to them thanks to status's, pictures, and conversations with other friends. A know at least four or five people who have went out on dates with people they met on Facebook. Our class reunion used Facebook Events solely.

Ultimately, I am getting at the idea of social networking has its benefits. Bluestreak, to me, looks like it is taking this idea of social networking and narrowing it down. Narrowing it from something as broad as Facebook to a single Project. Imagine having a Facebook group for that single multi-family residential project. All of the architects, engineers, contractors... the whole team are part of the group and can stay informed, inform others, and share files.

This is truly my generations model of BIM. I can be at dinner with the family and have a thought run into my mind, or a question... Simply take out my phone and check my groups status's, posts, and files, as well as post a quick status of my own. I like it... The next group project I have in school I will submit the idea of using this for sure.

Here is some info straight from Autodesk:

Design Collaboration for AEC Professionals
Coordinate, analyze, and review designs with project group members

Autodesk Project Bluestreak is a web-based collaboration environment that accelerates building information modeling through the open exchange of design information and ideas between desktop applications, web-based services and people.

Get Involved!

  • Log in to our preview today and tell us what you think. With this initial release, you can...
  • Create and join project groups
  • Communicate with your project group members
  • Share project designs and documents
  • Quickly respond to project activities

What's Available Now?

The basic building blocks needed to collaborate with your team -- user profiles, self organized private groups, file sharing, activity streams, notifications and comments -- are available now for testing and feedback. To get started and help build the next generation of AEC collaboration:
  • Create your account and a project group, and try it out!
  • Use the "Feedback" button within the application to give us your feedback and discuss the application with other members of the Bluestreak user community.

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