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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give a Little Bit.

Today is a sad day in the Revit blogging world. I woke up and checked out the daily grind of blogs to see any new content and posts. Surely enough there was a post from Greg over at (not very surprising considering he has made over 800 posts this year alone). Greg's blog is a major source of information for Revit, BIM, IPD, LEED, and construction law. In fact, his blog was the inspiration for me to make this blog.

Sadly, Greg's post today stated that he will be postponing his blog posting. He asked his readers to donate 5 dollars to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization before AU. Here is his write up on the donation page:

"After having read an email from Autodesk's Shaan Hurley about his request to raise $2000 for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, it inspired me to come here, learn more about the organization and inspire me to use my resources to help make a difference.

It started by seeing Shaan write that if he could raise $2000 and get his Twiiter membership up to 2000, he would shave his head at Autodesk University. My goals is to help Shaan reach his goal and get enough people to follow through so we can watch Shaan do this at the Autodesk Blogger's Social.

Here's what I am going to do. From now until December 1st, for every new follower to my blog, I will donate $1.00.

Also, I will ask each of my blog readers to make a $5.00 donation to the fund.

My favorite aunt is a 2 time breast cancer survivor and this is my tribute to my Aunt Rosalie. I didn't think much of it yesterday, but my father told me that my mother had a clean bill of health from her mammogram yesterday. We take for granted the good news and dread the prospect of the bad news.

Lastly, these donations are my tribute to all things 3D or maybe 36D, but we'll stick with 3D for the moment. In honor of architecture, visualization and the beauty of woman and nature, we can all work together to make a difference for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and for Revit and BIM.

I've never seen anyone offer to shave their head for a worthy cause, but Shaan, this page is for you.

Also, please follow Shaan on Twitter as part of his offer to shave his head.
You can follow me too if you're so inclined:"

Now, I am asking my readers to donate. I have already donated some of my own personal money towards this cause. If you are one of those people who "doesn't give to charity" then do it to bring back. Better yet, do it for me considering I have given you all so many little tutorials for FREE!

One dollar, five dollars, or ten dollars is not too much to ask.

Maybe I will stop posting tutorials until I hear from Greg that donations have risen a bit since this post.... maybe.... nah....