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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tutorial - Angle Wall End: Plan View

Eugene emailed me a question:

"Hey Jeff,

My name is Eugene, and i am currently an architecture student. I decided to use revit this semester for my design class because i thought that it would help me in my design process as well as help me learn some technical aspects. The blog you run was a great resource for me and i owe a big thanks to you in helping me learn Revit.

I have a quick question for you regarding something I am trying to achieve. I looked everywhere for the answer and could not find it. I tried several solutions but none yielded the result i wanted.

I attached a jpg. which will hopefully illustrate what I am trying to achieve.

I want to be able to cut the end piece of my wall on an angle rather then leave it parallel to the face it started with. I used the cut profile tool but that only does the trick in plan/section, but not 3D.

What I am trying to achieve is Wall A in 3D. If its possible for you to throw some ideas or hints as to how to do this it would be great.

I look forward to your reply."