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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tutorial - Revit to Ecotect (Revitology)

Very simple and watered down tutorial about how to export your building information model from Revit into Ecotect...

With the onslaught of "Green" packages integrated into the BIM process and workflow, many users do not realize that the essential part of the data starts from the model itself. Of course you need a model to dictate your outcome in Ecotect or Green Building Studio, but the way we manage and set up our model needs to be refined prior to our exportation. By setting up our model at the very early stages of our design, we ensure that our readings in our sustaibable packages are accurate and reliable.

For this blog, we will focus on integration with Ecotect and Revit Architecture 2010. Listed below are the steps accompanied by images to aid in the process.