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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tutorial - Section Annotation Tweaks

Ashley emailed me a question that I thought would be a nice video tip:


I have just switched over to Revit 2010, and have been having a look at your Revit Website, there is lots of useful stuff on there. I was watching one of your video’s regarding editing the Section head families and the tail families for the section marks.

However I have become stumped on something and would like your help? I have edited the section mark to how I want it to look. If you see the first attachment 01. However when I want to do a vertical section mark the text won’t rotate with the section head and looks like this see attachment 02. When you go to Manage, settings you can only set on Section view head. But I would like the section head to look like this see attachment 03 and also vice a versa when the section view is flipped.

Please could you help me sort out this with a solution I would be very grateful, If you could email the possible solution to this email address that would be grateful, or if you are going to present this on your website, would you be able to let me know when it is Available for me to view. "

Click here to view the three images Ashley attached: