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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tutorial - Splines and Forms (Revit Clinic)

More great stuff from The Revit Clinic:

Splines & Creating Forms

By default you cannot create a single closed loop with one spline created in Revit. I’ve included a few possible scenarios and what may be occurring below:


Single Spline

This will create one spline which cannot be connected to the origin point. You would need to create a second spline and snap to the origin and end point to fully close the spline. If a form is created while open it will be a surface, if closed it will be a solid:

Video Example

3D Spline by 3D Points

The second option for creating a spline will allow you to get closer to a closed spline in one pass. However if you snap back to the origin reference point it will create 2 overlapping points which will result in the create form failing.

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