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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revit Sweeper : Worth While in 10 years?

I have been getting some encouraging comments on the previous Revit Sweeper posts:

From Dave:

Just for fun and to add a deeper level of explanation-
Starting back in the good old days of DOS and perhaps earlier, the wild card character "*" meant search for any number of characters. The wild card character "?" meant search for any single character. So the search string "*.0*.r??" should be interpreted as "any number of characters, period (dot), zero, any number of characters, dot, the letter "r", any single character, any single character. This may very well find Revit backup files, but it has the potential to find other files as well. Also, should it happen that your Revit file has been edited more than 999 times, the first number in the 4-digit revision number would not be a zero, so “.0*.” would not find them. Perhaps your revit sweeper program has greater value than you think.

From David:

To extend what Dave was saying. That search string would also find any other files whose extension (3 letter) started with .R__, see this link for a listing.

So will Revit Sweeper be more valuable in the future? What happens ten years from now and you still have that Revit Families folder and you have managed to edit that same cabinet over 1000 times, and maybe that same window 2500 times?! You will have to do a seperate search for: *.0*.rvt, *.1*.rvt... etc... Also, if you are using a simple program such as Winrar to zip or unzip files... The *.0*.r?? could easily pick up a file called "TestFolder.01.rar" or something along those lines.

It is safe to say that Revit Sweeper does have a place on this earth... As of now, it is for free to download until the bandwith of my free hosting service is full... Once it is full, I might think about charging for the software in order to cover the hosting costs of the file.

So go to Revit and get your free copy now before it's too late!!