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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Revit Tip - Delete Backup Files

Well, after months of tweaking a program that I was using as a personal tool to improve productivity and workflow, a wonderful reader of mine decided to crush my every ambition of being a programmer... Haha, okay, that was a little dramatic. I am an honest and ethical man and I felt I needed to post this after being informed.

If you are running Vista or Windows 7, this is a very easy solution (XP can be a bit tedious because of the awful search process involved). Simply search your hard drive for the following terms:

  • *.0*.rvt
  • *.0*.rfa

*Edit* I have now also been informed that you can type: *.0*.r??

This will bring up your back up files in which you can select all and then delete them. Granted, my program eliminates the need to type this every time and to empty your recycling bin every time (although Sal informed me that pressing "Shift" an then hitting "Delete" will not send the item to the recycling ben. Just when I thought I knew windows!)... But this will allow you to eliminate every single backup file no matter where it is located.

So, anonymous reader, thank you for killing my hopes and dreams. Being an optimist, I will take the good away from this; I am now very knowledgeable about computer programming.

For those of you who do not want to type the aforementioned search filters every time and you have very specific folders to clean Revit Sweeper is now free. Those of you who have purchased it I will grant a full refund at your request.

Oh, and no, the filter you type into windows explorer is not the method Revit Sweeper uses...