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Friday, May 14, 2010

Revit 2011 - Visualization Tips (Revit Clinic)

Great set of tips over at Revit Clinic:

10 Revit 2011 Visualization Tips

Some of these are new to the Revit 2011 release; other tips have been around for some time.  I’ve included a number of items to keep in mind for renderings, presentations, materials and more…
1.  Consistent Colors

The advantage to this visual style is that the shaded color always matches the material setting.  Regardless of how the object is oriented to the light source, the color will be the same from view to view.  I’ve included a comparison image fromshaded with edges and consistent colors below:
2.  Ambient Occlusion
Ambient occlusion can be enabled under the view properties > Graphic Display Options.  Keep in mind at this time you cannot print ambient occlusion, per thistechnical solution.
3.  Override View Graphic Display Options

For each view you can modify or create new Properties > Graphic Display Options.  This allows you to create or tweak modified sun, sun intensity, indirect light, shadows, and ambient occlusion settings.  I’ve included a quick video example below [no sound]:
Video Example

Continue to the post for seven more great tips...