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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Revit Tutorial - Adaptive Points (What Revit Wants)

Great little tip by Luke... I find Adaptive Points to be a lot of fun...

Bending the Rules with Adaptive Points (2011 Secret #16)

You should all know something about adaptive points by now. I will here describe how I recently used them to solve a modeling problem.

Basically, I need to create a surface that was quite irregular - it did not fall in a way that could be describe in 1 or 2 slopes. I didn't want to use a shape-edited floor, as I wanted a form that would be smooth - not triangulated. Further to this, I wanted to be able to easily edit this form, and I wanted to be able to be able to derive some intelligence from it (ie. report the slope of the form). What would you do?

Here is how I handled it:

1.Create an Adaptive Component (generic) family.

2.Place some points and make them Shape Handle Points (Adaptive)

3.Create two splines based on these adaptive points that meet at two endpoints (see image below).

4.In the Project, create an in-place Mass family.

5.Create an Instance of this Adaptive Component inside the in-place Mass.

6.Finish the in-place Mass.

7.Create a new Wall based on the face (surface) from the Adaptive Component family.

8.You are done!

The fun part is editing - here is how you do it...