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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revit Tutorial - Phases (New and Existing Construction) (Revit Clinic)

Sometimes when I get an email about a specific question I like to search my follow bloggers sites for the answer before going on and making my little videos. Here is a perfect example... A post on Revit Clinic from 2 years ago that still will help today:
Time to phase…
Phases are a pretty difficult animal in Revit to wrap your head around. The reason it is difficult is that the functionality works a little differently that is expected. Architects have very specific uses for Phases while designing and working on a project. Revit doesn’t always mesh with those uses exactly.
The most common problem with phasing is that users can’t get objects to display the way they would like to in a view. This problem actually contains 5 different parts. View properties, Phases, Phase filters, Graphic Overrides, and finally the properties for a object. In order for the objects to display correctly all of these things must be setup correctly. If any one thing is not correct, the objects in the phase will not look correct. Three of these items are all controlled in the Phasing dialog box so let’s take a look at that first.

Cick here to view the rest of the tutorial...