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Monday, July 5, 2010

Revit Tutorial - How to Create a Revolve in Revit 2010 or 2011

Cool little tutorial that might help some of you...

How to Create a Revolve in Revit 2010 or 2011

If you have made the leap to Revit 2010 or 2011 you will notice that the method for creating solids is different to 2009.  One of the questions which keeps popping up is; How do I create a Revolve?

In 2009 you had the use of the Axis tool to sketch the line of the desired axis of rotation. This has disappeared in 2010 onwards and is causing confusion.  The answer is quite simple:

In this example I'm working in the Conceptual Mass template but this also applies to in-place mass elements as well.

Start by drawing a line or reference line (either option will work) to define the axis of rotation. Whats the difference? A line will disappear after the shape has been created. A reference line will remain in place.  Also, if you move the reference plane afterwards, the shape will move with it (its associated). In this example we are using a reference line.

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