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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Revit Tutorial - Creating Complex Families (Club Revit)

Going right along with my basic Revit Family tutorials is a great write up over at Club Revit:

Creating Complex Family Shapes in Revit: Part-1

Family Modeling in Revit Architecture 2011

This is part of a series on creating complex family shapes in Revit. In my previous post (Creating Complex Family Shapes in Revit: Introduction _June 7, 2010), the Beer Mug example was modeled in Revit Architecture 2010. However, from here on, I’ll be using Revit Architecture 2011 (RA 2011) to take advantage of its new features and enhancements.
This post will deal with my firsthand account of RA 2011 Family editor tools in the creation of the Pool Table Set found on my website ( As I explain some of this latest version’s features, I’ll show you my modeling setup as an example. Later on, I’ll present annotated isometric views of the pool table with explanations on how it was modeled.


RA 2011 is a huge improvement that addressed a lot of issues from the 2010 version. I recommend you upgrade to this latest version because you’ll be able to work with less clicks. Aside from the enhancements to the Ribbon interface, a lot of cool features has been added. You may have already read about them in numerous articles and internet blogs. We’ll take a closer look at some of these features relevant to this post and as outlined below:
A. Significant changes to the family editor tools
1. The improved Ribbon Interface, Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and Tab Behavior Display
2. The Modeless Properties Palette
3. The Modify Tab
4. Visual Enhancements
B. Some Rendering Issues with RA 2011:
1. Carpet & Fabric_Velvet materials
2. Glass_Clear material
3. Metal Screen material scaling
C. How the Pool Table was Created
D. Conclusion