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Friday, October 1, 2010

Tutorials Back Online!!

For anyone who tried to view my tutorials via and was not able to between late last night (Eastern Standard Time) and now will be able to view them shortly.  Late last night I recieved an email stating that my bandwith limit has been reached for my screencast account... 

This is a good and bad thing.  It is good because this means that within one month you, my readers, watched over 220 GB worth of streaming tutorials.  It is bad because now I have to monitor my bandwith and make sure there is always enough for you guys to watch tutorials without any issues. 

P.S.  These expenses are paid for by advertising in order to keep this a FREE site.  Please, if you have used my videos and find this site to be a good resource do not hesitate to donate any amount (even 1 dollar can go a long way from all of my readers).  There is also a link always avaliable on the column to the right....

I hope you all can see the videos now and thank you very much for continuing to read the blog, comment on posts, email me, and USE REVIT!!!!