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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AU 2010: Day 2 Ends and Day 3 Begins...

Yesterday was the first day of full classes here at Autodesk University. What an experience this has been. I took a great class on conceptual modeling by David Fano of Design followed by a few classes on Revit programming and API. Already, I have learned an incredible amount of stuff. Additionally, last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Autodesk Education mixer. The mixer was at the very top of THE Hotel and loaded with great people. I met some of the Autodesk Student experts and I probably had a tad bit too much to drink with one of them (Jeremy!). After the mixer I walked through the exhibit hall. I cannot wait to post about some of the great new technologies out there....(little hint: one of them could be a solution to all your rendering time problems). Keep watch for the posts!

Today starts with some more Revit programming classes, a sketchbook pro class, and some advanced family creation classes. Hopefully I will meet up with Greg from today too... (we seem to keep missing each other).

Finally, another little tip if you plan on coming to AU next year... Don't expect to get any homework or work done here... It is very difficult.