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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Revit Tutorial - Create a Monolithic Stair Stringer

This is the sort of thing that many people will sit there and think, "Well, why the heck do you need a stringer on monolithic stairs". Well, the example I have is one from the firm where I work. We have a monolithic precast concrete stair in a parking garage. this parking garage is part of a high school we are designing. The project architect wants to tack on some stringers to close the gap between the stairs (either per code or his preference... No idea).

Given there is no real explanation on how to do this out there I made a little video. This is only one method but there are a few off the top of my head that would work.

Topics Covered:

- Editing a Railing Profile
- Creating a parametric stringer profile.
- Loading the profile back into the project.
- Exploring the stringer/railing combination.

Click here to see the tutorial via YouTube.

Click here to see the video via