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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Free Revit Classes from Autodesk University 2013

About 200 Autodesk University classes are available On Demand (for free with a simple email registration).  I've taken the liberty of searched and filtering the Revit classes for you:

Click here to view the list of AU2013 Revit courses...

Some good stuff from likes of Marcello, Paul Aubin, Brian Mackey, and more...

Do yourself a favor and check them out!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Revit Tutorial - Corinthian Column Capitol (Paul Aubin)

I have mentioned Paul Aubin quite a bit on this blog over the years.  Most recently, I published a post about his latest book "Renaissance Revit" (click here to read my review).

In "Renaissance Revit" Paul makes creating a Corinthian column seem so simple!  The concepts and techniques are well thought out and easy to follow.  Well, while accepting a challenge, Paul took a chapter from his book (Chapter 13, to be exact) and created an information packed video.  Warning: the video is 20 minutes long but worth every second.

Click here to view the post and the video tutorial...

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Revit Kid Tutorial Archive: 2009-2010

I was recently checking out the analytics for this blog and saw a few links coming from a site I've never heard of before. I tracked back the link and found an interesting post on a Vietnamese blog.  I would link to the post but I have a feeling it is a spammy/infected site (given the author's profile has links to many "adult content" style blogs)...

The post must have taken a decent amount of time to create because it had links to almost EVERY single Revit tutorial I created (or linked to) in the first year of launching The Revit (2009-2010).  How cool!  I may have to make a similar list for the years between 2010 and now!

I thought it would be helpful and fun to re-post this list...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Revit Tutorial - Adding Depth to Your Elevations

A buddy of mine called me up asking about an old tutorial that he stumbled upon here on the site.  The tutorial, unfortunately, had some bad links in it.  I linked to a blogger who no longer blogs.  I wish I could remember exactly what the post was about but I thought it was a good topic to make a video on.

There are many different ways to create "depth" in your elevations and sections.  Unfortunately, none of them are done automatically (unless you are using shadows or ambient shadows).  One day, in my wildest dreams, Revit will automatically create outlines and view depth in elevations based on clipping distances...

Until then, here are some of my everyday tips for elevation and section view depths...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Revit Tutorials - Energy Analysis and eQuest (BPA Blog)

If you haven't checked out John and Emile's blog about Building Performance Analysis (BPA) check it out now!  

To start you off with some goodies here are two great posts about Revit, Green Building Studio, eQuest, and beyond....

Advanced Energy Analysis with Green Building Studio DOE2 and EnergyPlus support

Posted by:   David Scheer - Green Building Studio Product Owner
Who is this for:
  • Engineers and energy analysts who want to do more detailed work on their analysis model than the tools in Autodesk® Revit®Vasari® or Green Building Studio® allow.

Tutorial – Green Button XML file

By Peter Shi with Barry Tsai
Who is this for: Energy Analyst, Building Scientists, Energy Modeling Engineers and GBS users.
Takeaway: If you have experience in any real world building energy simulation, you would know synchronization of utility data and historical weather data is a very manual and labor extensive process. Green Button feature is designed to help user to automate and streamline this process.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Revit Tutorial - Sloping Pipe System (Revit Rocks)

It's about damn time....  Cool little video over at Revit Rocks about sloping pipes....

Click here to view the post and video tutorial....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

KarelCAD Free Revit Training Videos

Luke posted about this series of videos and they may be helpful to some of you... I personally think you should check out the 2013 suite workflow videos.  Cool Stuff.

Check out Luke's post and the video's here...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Free Revit Tutorials - Create a House (CAD Clips)

Daryl, over at CAD Clips and Revit Rocks, has released over 14 hours of free Revit training videos.... They are recorded using Revit 2009 (pre-ribbon) but a lot of stuff still applies.

In this series we will use a ‘work in progress’ approach to develop the series over a period of time.
Here are the main objectives:
Custom Families, Clay Tile, Materials, Lighting, Rendering, Cameras, Site and Toposurfaces.
Utilize a ‘Santa Barbara California’ modeling theme to keep it interesting.
Drill down into the new Mental Ray Rendering tools and Materials.
Take advantage of the CADclips supplied Content File which contains ALL the custom families in this series.
Learn to create the custom families yourself, from scratch.
We cover everything from Spanish Clay Tile Roofing to Topo Surfaces and Wall Scallops as we dress up the outside of our Santa Barbara models.

Click here to check out the tutorial series now...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Revit Tip - Select Element by Offset Height

Here is a nice little tip that I think will help many of you out.  The example I am going to use is a ceiling.  Let's say you have a bunch of 2x4 ACT ceilings in your model.  They are all at varying heights.  You want to take the one set of ceilings that are at, let's say, 10'-0", and lower them to 9'-4".

How do you select all those ceilings without selecting the others? A schedule!  Check out the video below for the tip.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a Ceiling Schedule
  • Sorting the Schedule by Height Offset.
  • Grouping the height Offset..
  • Changing the Height Offset of the Ceilings.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Revit Tip - Quickly Find Warning [and Clash] Elements (What Revit Wants)

Great little tip/workflow from Luke.  He uses some simple steps to find elements that appear in your warnings reports... I would take it a step further and say "why not use it for clash detection too!?".  Just export the clash report and use the same steps...

Now, if only Revit would integrate Navisworks ability to zoom in and auto-show an element... Come on now!

Click here to view the tip/tutorial....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Revit! is Now an Official Wiki Contributor

I am excited to announce that The Revit! is officially a contributor of the Autodesk Revit Wiki Help pages...

The idea of merging a Help File with a community driven Wiki is a great move on Autodesk parts (even if it still has some funky bugs).  I look forward to contributing lots of information to the community and Revit Users abroad.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revit Tip - Curtain Wall Grids Appear After Wall Re-Sizing

I have had numerous posts about curtain walls throughout this blog  so I figured I would add another little tip.  This is just one that can remove much of the annoyances I am sure you have run into in the past.

First, I highly suggest using a curtain wall type that does not have any grid lines predefined right from the start.  I can almost guarantee that you will be unpinning and manipulating at least one grid line in each of your curtain walls.  Once you do that, adn you start changing the length or height of the curtain wall... Good luck to you...  Grids will start appearing out of no where, panels will get replaced, doors will disappear, and fluffy kittens will die...

Before we kill anymore fluffy kittens follow these steps for curtain walls that were drawn with a pre-defined grid system and giving you a headache now:

  1. Select all the internal grids of the curtain wall.
  2. Unpin them.
  3. Select the curtain wall..
  4. Change the wall to a wall type without any defined grid pattern.
Now take a deep breath and smile.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Revit Tutorial - Logo Painted CMU Wall

Here is a cool one that a buddy of mine asked about. Sean asked:

 I was wondering if you knew of a way to place a logo or an image on a surface like a wall, while also showing the detail of the wall say (CMU wall). I tried taking it out of photoshop as a png., tiff., and jpg. and eliminated the white. Also tried to make it a transparency tiff in photoshop, but couldn’t get it to print without the edges with the white fill. Whats my issue?

Rendering of a CMU Wall with a Logo Painted on it.

Topics Covered:
    1. Splitting a walls face.
    2. Creating the logo Material.
    3. Applying the logo Material.
    4. Rendering and viewing the logo.
Click here to view the video via Screencast.

Revit Tip - Wall Wraps, Brick, and Windows

My buddy Nick was having trouble figuring out how to get his brick to stop at the CMU layer (similar to the image below).  How can you ensure the brick is always wrapping correctly?  The answer is simple... The closure...

Check out the videos below for a better explanation....

Topics Covered:
  1. Wrapping Brick in a wall.
  2. Editing the window family.
  3. Re-Aligning the "closure" reference plane.
  4. Testing the new window.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Revit Tutorial - Adaptive Components

I am not sure where Luke found this but it is an awesome full length video about adaptive components. Even if you are new to Revit or just diving into family creation I would give this a look... In fact, if you are just diving into family creation I would learn both "primitive" family creation (I think I might coin that term) and adaptive at the same time.

Click here to view the adaptive component tutorial....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Revit Tutorials - Autodesk Revit Essentials

Alan has this uncanny ability to find videos of Revit stuff... These videos may not be in the strangest of places but they may have slipped under the radar.  Good find Alan!

Click here to check out Alan's post and the tutorial videos....

Here is a sample video:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Revit Tutorials - Revit Structure 2012

Awesome find from Alan...  I am not sure if I ever posted about these but I thought I would re-post.  The Revit Addict YouTube channel has a whole series of Revit Structure 2012 tutorials....

Click here to see Alan's post...

Click here to visit the YouTube channel....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Revit Tip - Dimension Tips and Tricks

I thought I would link a great little video from Steve about dimensioning...

Myself, having used CAD for many years before Revit, find the Revit dimensions to be an absolute delight.  From the strings, to leaders, to "entire walls", and etc...  Check out Steve's videos and

Click here to see the post and videos...

I also have had a few videos related to dimensions:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Revit Tip - Select All Mullions on Grid / Select all Panels

This is a little tip that I just now realized I have yet to post about!  It is very simple but will make your life much easier when changing curtain panels, mullions, grids, corners, etc...

It is very simple. 
  • In any view, select the mullion or panel of your choice.
  • Right click.
  • There is an option for "Select Mullions" and "Select Panels" similar to the images below.

Try it out for yourself!  It is a life and time saver!