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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revit Sucks ... Again?

Wow... 2 years after I posted this people are still commenting. Cool...

The post, as I said before, was ment to be facetious and stir up interest. In that sense, it has been greatly successful. The very fact that people are googling the words "Revit Sucks" is interesting to me. I, personally, am a Manchester United fan. Yet, I have never googled the words "Liverpool Sucks". (Little analogy for my soccer/futball fans). Could the fact that over the last few months responses to that post have ramped up due to the traction Revit is gaining in the industry?

I was not receiving the emails for any of the comments for this post after switching the comment provider on the blog to IntenseDebate.

I guess I would just like to generally respond to all the posts I have not responded to yet and let them know I have read their comments and care about them.

First, a trend with the comments from people who do not seem to like Revit is that many of them state they are an engineer of some sort... I refuse to reply to them because I am much more comfortable with Revit Architecture and use it on a daily basis over the other versions. I have used the other versions but not enough to defend them. The only thing I will add is that within the past few months I have worked on two 100,000 SF schools. On the Architecture side, we used 100% Revit. Structural and MEP also used Revit. It seemed to work out very well.

I have said it 100 times over the 2 years I have had this blog... I believe in BIM. Revit is simply my preferred method of BIM. The name of this blog is pro-Revit replies from me. I will continue to "ignorantly" defend my passion and love for Revit as my BIM solution. Just as ArchiCAD lovers defend theirs.

I would like to end with something I heard Greg over at Revit3D say a few times at AU2010 last year (for some reason this quote will not leave my mind. If I screw it up please comment Greg):

"When you are driving on the highway there are two types of people driving around you. The people who are speeding past you are assholes and the people that you are passing are morons."

I hope I didn't butcher that... I think you all get the gist. Where do you want to be on the highway? I, for one, don't want anyone speeding past me and have no problem with the drivers I am passing calling me a moron.

***Edit*** Thanks for David Kingham for clarifying the source in the comments area:

Actually he's quoting George Carlin "Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?"