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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Revit Tip - Exporting Ambient Occlusion (Revit Clinic)

I am not sure how I missed posting this one last year... I am fiddling with Ambient Occlusion and different views when I rememberd a tip over at the Revit Clinic... I decided to repost it with a link here for my readers that might have missed it too...

Exporting Ambient Occlusion
You can include Ambient Occlusion in an exported image. However when exporting an image from a view with Ambient Occlusion enabled there is a threshold related to the pixel size of the export and whether or not the effect can be included. Typically once you go above 2000-2100 pixels in the horizontal direction the effect will be excluded.
For example; you have a monitor resolution of 1600 X 1200. You are exporting a shaded view with Ambient Occlusion enabled, at 300 DPI, to a TIFF image. If you keep the R > Export > Images > Images and Animations > Image > Image Size, around 2000 pixels, Ambient Occlusion should be included.

Click here to visit The Revit Clinic and see the rest of the post with more images and explinations...