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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Revit Tutorial - Creating Curtain Wall Elevations in Revit (Revit Dialog)

A new blog surfaced a few months ago and I completely forgot to mention it....  Looks to be a promising resource with some great little Revit Architecture tips already...  Chris, good look in the Revit blog world and great looking blog.  Anyways, this is a great little pointer on creating curtain wall elevations.

Creating Curtain Wall Elevations Using a Custom Elevation Tag

Currently curtain wall elevations can’t be shown in a legend like you can with a door or window family – you only have the option of a plan or section. Many offices use a callout in elevation to create the elevations which gives you the benefit to tag and create intelligent Head, Jamb, Sill detail views but you’ll more than likely want to hide these initial callouts in elevation. What if you could create an elevation so it looks like a “tag” and not deal with hiding callouts?

Elevation “Tag"

In Revit Architecture 2011, you can now customize the elevation body and pointers to whatever your creative mind can come up with. So what if an elevation marker looked just like your wall tag? This creates an elevation for you AND shows a tag for your curtain wall.

Family Creation

So your curtain wall elevation body should look just like your wall tag, you can copy the lines from one tag family and into the elevation body family.

With elevation families, you also need to have a “pointer” loaded into the elevation body family, but you don’t want to see a pointer with wall tags. In order not to have the pointer not show, I created a small straight line in the elevation pointer family and made it invisible so you don’t see it in your views, but you can still select it to adjust your extents on plan and in turn makes the family editor happy.

Elevation body with nested elevation pointer (in blue)

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