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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Details Count - First Revit 2012 Family

I have posted about Michael Anonuevo's website in the past but this deserves another link.  First, check out this video...

Description Under Video:
This is a Revit Walkthrough of a Bass gear. The Walkthrough was exported as individual JPEGs and assembled in Quicktime Pro. The generated Quicktime movie was then brought into Camtasia Studio where the title clip, sound and credit were added. I generated this short clip to give you an idea of how this Revit family looks like. It's available for sale at my website at:

Thanks for watching the clip.

Now, this model is built completely in Revit 2012.  Michael told me it is his very first all Revit 2012 family.  The model only costs 30 bucks (with amplifier)  and it allows you to change the body color.  First, as a musician myself (I have played the guitar for 15 years now), Michaels models are awesome.  He has some fantastic content over on his site and I promise you they are better than those models you get from RevitCity or SEEK.

I constantly receive emails about where to get goo Revit content.  Granted, it is not free, but,   the saying "you get what you pay for" applies here.

**Disclaimer** I am not receiving any commission or percentage of sales for posting about Michaels site.  I simply know from experience the amount of CRAPPY FAMILIES being used and have seen them cripple projects.  Good quality content is very important and I find Little Details Count's prices very reasonable.


By the way.  Download the FREE BEER MUG...