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Monday, June 6, 2011

BIM Tutorial - Rendering Animations in Navisworks

For those of you looking for a new blog to follow I highly suggest John Tocci's blog.  For those of you who don't know who John Tocci is here is a little bio over at his blog.  The blog is filled with some great information on the construction end of the BIM process...  A perfect example is his tutorial/writeup about rendering animations in Navisworks based on a Revit model:

I recently got this question posed to me by someone in my comments section, and I've heard it before... so I figured, why not create a little tutorial on it.

The question:

"I am a student at Texas A&M and am getting very frustrated at the quality of my render 4d videos. If you have found a way to make them look good I would be very interested in any tips you might have.

Thanks for the help"

Since the animations are all the same, I figured I'd answer it using a 1,713 frame animation I did inside Navisworks. (It took slightly less than 24 hours for the images to all export)

Click here to see the video tutorial and final video of the animation....