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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Revit Tip - Render Farm (Tocci)

Here is another great little write up over at John Tocci's blog:

For a variety of reasons I won’t delve into, this past week we found myself without access to my Revit & Navisworks licenses… aside from answering emails, workflow documentation and re-organizing my office space, I decided the Gilbane’s west coast VDC group should give 3D Studio Max Design & a home-grown render farm a shot.

Using the 30 day trials, we managed to put together some basic models, teach ourselves the Backburner Server/Manager/Monitor nomenclature, and scavenge up some computers to steal CPU cycles from.

Long story short? We were able to render a 1,200 frame animation in about 4.5 hours while having a zero loss of productivity on our main workstations.

The post is followed by a list f linked PDF workflow ideas for Revit to 3D Max to render farming...  Great information!

Part 1: Revit to FBX to 3DS Max Design 2012

Part 2: Render Farm Setup