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Thursday, July 14, 2011

BIM Summer Reading List

I subscribe to VicoSoftware's blog and I enjoy many of the BIM and VDC articles... I thought I would repost and link to their Summer Reading list for Architect's, GC's, and contractors...
Many GCs come to Vico for advice on how to get started with BIM. Here are 5 recommendations for new BIM departments and their managers.

It’s a great time to be a BIM Manager in construction. It’s a chance to combine your love of building with the latest technology and Lean methodologies. You get to carve out strategy and help everyone with the tools that they need to win new business and successfully execute profitable projects.

The MPS is a protocol for bringing information together from all the design disciplines, estimating, and scheduling. It ensures each team member knows what he needs to produce, at what point and at what level of detail and can plan accordingly.

There are several ways to dramatically improve model fidelity issues in a BIM construction project: use the model progression specification (MPS); employ reputable 3D modeling services; utilize the Vico 5D Standard Library and Warehouse; take advantage of Vico Office features to override poor model quality. The end goal are BIM models suitable for construction: 5D estimating, 4D scheduling, and 3D constructability.