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Monday, July 18, 2011

Revit MEP - Should we model the Existing?

These are my favorite types of posts... The posts in which my readers get to comment and add all their input to drive the subject.  So please, comment your little hearts out!

We are starting a very large project at my firm and, of course, using Revit.  All disciplines are in house (MEP and Structural).  As I am on the Architecture side of things I am modeling the existing building as I type this post.  In a meeting last week the topic was introduced about do we or do we not model the Existing MEP...

The project will have many construction phases with the existing MEP systems being used during the first one or two major phases.  Then, depending on what the engineers decide, the existing MEP will be demolished completely or bits and pieces demolished.

I would like to ask you, my readers, who may be experienced with Revit MEP and renovations/additions... Do you model the existing MEP components?  Or maybe just the HVAC portion?

Any and all feedback is welcome... I think this will help my readers as much as it will help me.