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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autodesk Cloud - Pay Per Rendering - How much would you pay?

Autodesk appears to be working with us instead of against us as far as Cloud Rendering and availability is concerned.  I had a nice discussion last week with some insiders about my post a month or so ago and they appear to believe as strongly about cloud rendering as I do...

I also posted on the feedback forum for cloud rendering, which brings me to this post.

How much would you pay for the cloud rendering services?
Should it be a pay-per-rendering, a monthly fee, a yearly fee...?

Either respond on the Autodesk Feedback forum here....

The latest post requesting feedback:
When Neon was on Labs as a technology preview, we were running on a small farm and the number of users was significantly less.
Now it's a different story. The costs are higher and a pricing structure and various degrees of control are necessary. Please post all the pricing suggestions you think are valuable.We have been discussing ways to get cloud units to users of all kinds :) It's still a work in progress and be sure that we are reading all the discussions in this forum. We are also discussing what can be done for the educational market.     Rob

Or respond in the comment section below....

I, for one, would shoot for a monthly or yearly subscription to cloud rendering.  Since its release I have used all of my free cloud units and I know I would use it consistently throughout the year.  As far as a price is concerned... My first thought is to do some math:

  • Roughly $1,000.00 a year to keep a desktop up-to-date and rendering diligently. 
  • $1,000.00 / 12 Months = $84.00 Per Month.
Having used the service and watch all of my colleagues and classmates use the service I would feel comfortable at that rate (even as a graduate student working part time).

Thoughts?  Maybe there are different levels depending on how many renderings you think you would use a month?  Kind of like a cell phone bill with minutes??

The other option I have in mind is the Pay-Per-Rendering.... The hardest factor to describe is how many rendering I might do on any given day or month.  This is a difficult factor to determine because I am currently limited to the performance of my computer and the time it takes to render.... With cloud I could be doing 20x as many renderings with the time frame and process power removed from the equation.

Hmmmm.....  Comment below or Post Here!