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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Creating Custom Revit Families Book

Michael Anonuevo, author of the Little Details Count website, has created an awesome book to help you create any Revit family you can imagine. The number of views my "Family Creation Series" of tutorials has received over the years illustrates the interest people have in creating families.  Well, Michael takes family creation to a whole new level.

I have been fortunate enough to read through this eBook already and it is packed full of great information.  For only 20 bucks you get 751 pages of fantastic content all related to Revit families.  Not to mention Michael teaches you how to create an alto sax at the end... I am absolutely mystified by the amount of time this book must have taken to write.

I promise you that it is a 20 dollars you will not regret spending.  Don't forget to mention that you heard about the book from "The Revit!" during checkout.

Click here to read a PDF with a sample chapter and Steve Stafford's forward...
Click here to purchase the eBook...