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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revit Tip - Curtain Wall Grids Appear After Wall Re-Sizing

I have had numerous posts about curtain walls throughout this blog  so I figured I would add another little tip.  This is just one that can remove much of the annoyances I am sure you have run into in the past.

First, I highly suggest using a curtain wall type that does not have any grid lines predefined right from the start.  I can almost guarantee that you will be unpinning and manipulating at least one grid line in each of your curtain walls.  Once you do that, adn you start changing the length or height of the curtain wall... Good luck to you...  Grids will start appearing out of no where, panels will get replaced, doors will disappear, and fluffy kittens will die...

Before we kill anymore fluffy kittens follow these steps for curtain walls that were drawn with a pre-defined grid system and giving you a headache now:

  1. Select all the internal grids of the curtain wall.
  2. Unpin them.
  3. Select the curtain wall..
  4. Change the wall to a wall type without any defined grid pattern.
Now take a deep breath and smile.