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Friday, March 15, 2013

Move Command - The Dimension Eater #BIMBattlefield

This has always bothered me later on in projects.  Dimensions constantly get deleted.  There is usually a warning letting the user know they are getting deleted (which most people will simply click "OK" and move on).  For some reason when you  move an object with the move command it will delete the dimensions associated to that object.  Yet, if you move the object using the Align command... The dimensions will stay.  

I have never found any consistency as to when and why this happens but it can definitely be frustrating when you open a  model up to find someone has deleted half the dimensions.  

If you find yourself getting a warning or dialogue that asks or tells you dimensions will be deleted... Think twice about it, try and align instead of move (or move instead of align), and replace the dimensions if they get deleted...