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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Revit Tutorials - Energy Analysis and eQuest (BPA Blog)

If you haven't checked out John and Emile's blog about Building Performance Analysis (BPA) check it out now!  

To start you off with some goodies here are two great posts about Revit, Green Building Studio, eQuest, and beyond....

Advanced Energy Analysis with Green Building Studio DOE2 and EnergyPlus support

Posted by:   David Scheer - Green Building Studio Product Owner
Who is this for:
  • Engineers and energy analysts who want to do more detailed work on their analysis model than the tools in Autodesk® Revit®Vasari® or Green Building Studio® allow.

Tutorial – Green Button XML file

By Peter Shi with Barry Tsai
Who is this for: Energy Analyst, Building Scientists, Energy Modeling Engineers and GBS users.
Takeaway: If you have experience in any real world building energy simulation, you would know synchronization of utility data and historical weather data is a very manual and labor extensive process. Green Button feature is designed to help user to automate and streamline this process.