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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Super Secret Stacked Wall Methods ... Kind of?

How do YOU construct a wall that changes materials vertically and/or horizontally?

There will almost always be a few answers to this question.  Why is it a secret?  Because it is one of thos subjects that people just DO and don't really think about how or why they are doing what they are doing! I am just as guilty as the next guy.  It wasn't until a buddy of mine asked me the very same question did I sit down and ponder it. 

My honest answer... It depends!  Let me break it down and explain the methods...

This post is actually pretty timely because David Light recently published a few posts on a similar topic.  David brings up a very interesting point about "multiple ways to skin a cat" and this is exactly that case!  Now, the most important question is what will the model be used for downstream?  Is it a presentation model or a construction model? Will it be exported an used in Navisworks? IFC? Cobie?

Why ask all these questions?  Because those are really the only things that will tell you HOW to model the wall system.  There is no RIGHT way to model it because they will all yield the same results graphically and in 3D.  They will not yield the same results downstream (refer back to David's posts).

Instead of my telling you which method is best for which approach or model purpose I thought I would show some of the possible methods I can think of and we can discuss how these methods would be best used downstream in the comments below.

Click here to view The Super Secrete Stacked Wall Methods via Screencast.

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