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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Week in Review - BIM After Dark

BIM After Dark has now officially been public for one week. So far, the response from this little Revit/BIM community we live in has been fantastic and exceeded my expectations.  You guys and girls rock!  I thought I would share what some notable Revit community members have said about my very first culminated video series:

The infamous Paul Aubin, of the recently released "Renaissance Revit", was kind enough to review the videos and write an great post about it:

"If you just finished your first Revit project, but found the graphics just fell a little flat, this course is perfect for you. And if you are a Revit expert, there is certainly some little gems in there for you too. I picked up more than a few such tidbits myself." ... Continue reading Paul's post...

Luke Johnson, of What Revit Wants (if you don't follow him... you should), published a very nice piece about BIM After Dark after he reviewed the videos.  Luke talks about the sample files:

"The plethora of included content and samples are also of very high quality, so if you can get access to them, I recommend that you do so. It includes texture, background and entourage images, Revit library files and some Photoshop PSD files too." ... Continue reading Luke's post...

Michael Anonuevo (Club Revit, Little Details Count), who has created a very nice eBook about Revit Family Creation, published a detailed, information packed, review of BIM After Dark.  Michael breaks down the entire process from launching the BIM After Dark website, to purchasing, downloading, and viewing the videos.  He hit most of the points and understood fully how I hoped this first video series would be portrayed.  Some notable quotes:

"...The unique thing about how he explained certain topics is that he left his mistakes (admittedly) such as clicking the wrong menu or inadvertently choosing a wrong option. Thereafter, he explains how to get out of the mistakes. His explanations are detailed and to the point..."

"...I definitely recommend these videos. It is a must have for beginners and a welcome addition to advanced and professional users." ... Continue reading Michael's post....

I am very happy and inspired by the reactions to BIM After Dark and I am looking forward to 2014 as being a big year for The Revit  In addition tot he work I've put in for BIM After Dark, I have plenty of draft posts for the blog.  So look for new content here as well!

I want to thank everyone for their support, feedback, kind words, and encouragement.  You are truly the best blog readers around ;)

Click here if you are interested in BIM After Dark - Volume 1 or would like to download a free sample video today!