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Thursday, January 2, 2014

BIM After Dark New Year’s Sale!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed your festivities.  I can say with all honesty that I ate more cookies that past 2 weeks than I have the entire year! 

I am extremely excited for the year 2014.  With the first video series from BIM After Dark finally live and receiving awesome feedback I will have some time to start taking the ARE’s.  While doing so, I will be planning the next volume of BIM After Dark as well as continuing to publish content here on the blog. 

In the meantime, I want to offer a New Year’s sale to you.  But, before I do, make sure you check out this post with numerous reviews of BIM After Dark.  Additionally,  Steve Stafford, from Revit OpEd, posted a nice review on his blog. You can check it out here:

A notable quote from Steve:

"...I particularly liked how he tweaked the stock content and tools to get what he wanted for his presentations. He's clearly got a talent and opinion about documentation style that's worth sharing and worth you taking the time to listen. I also enjoyed his conversational approach to demonstrating his techniques.

Too often a video is too obviously scripted or worse comes off as if the presenter thinks his/her audience is a school child. With Jeffrey you feel like he's just sitting next to you and asking if he can "borrow the mouse" for a moment. In fact I think a few times he gets a bit too excited and rushes his delivery as though he can't wait to tell you this, and this...and oh, this too! "
 ... Read more here ... 

Now that you have read some awesome reviews, (thanks Paul, Steve, Michael, and Luke for taking the time to review/write about BIM After Dark), here is some information about the sale:

For today only (January 2nd, 2014) save 20% off of ANY package on the BIM After Dark website using the promo code:  iamarevitkid

I’ve also put the “FirstPerson BIM: Revit and CryEngine 3” eBook back in every package for this sale…