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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Mysterious Case of Revit's Family View Range Properties

Have you ever tried to change the view range when in the Family Editor environment?  No? Go try....

If you have not run into this before (or just never really needed to do so) I bet you are scratching your head and thinking, "where the heck is it?".

I promise you, it's there...

When you are in the Family Editor, the rules of the current views "Properties" do not seem to act the same as in the Project Environment. 

Notice, when you click into a viewport the properties window looks like this:

Hmmm.. When you are in the project environment and click into the viewport the properties window looks like this:

Now, go back into the Family Environment and click the current view in the Project Browser....  See what happens to the Properties window.  Now, you can change the view depth!!

Method 1

Here is a quick video explaining the technique...

Click here to view the video via Screencast....

Method 2

In the video, I state that the technique I showed you is the "only way".  Well, I lied a little.  Thanks to Paul and Luke for pointing out that you can use the drop-down menu at the top of your properties window.  

Image Courtesy of Paul Aubin

But why..why would it be different than the project environment?  I have no idea...